Dividends4Life: Ways to Boost Your Dividend Income

Ways to Boost Your Dividend Income

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Investors can't get enough of dividend stocks. With their unique combination of capital gain potential and regular income, stocks that pay dividends have never been in greater demand. One of the most influential groups of investors who have been turning to dividend stocks lately have been those in or near retirement.

After all, retirees need their long-held investment portfolios to generate cold hard cash -- cash they can't afford to go without. With more traditional conservative investments, such as bank CDs and Treasury bonds, paying extremely low interest rates lately, retirees have had difficulty making ends meet -- and the temptation to turn to riskier investments like stocks has become increasingly difficult to resist.The question, though, is how to earn dividend income without exposing yourself to a huge amount of risk. Although dividend ETFs don't eliminate the risk of owning stocks entirely, they do help spread out that risk -- and the different strategies they follow hold some clues that observant investors can follow on their own.

Source: Motley Fool

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