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Keys for Successful Dividend Investing

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With a few notable exceptions 2010 was a good year for stocks in general and dividend investing in particular, the second consecutive recovery year since the generational crack-up of 2008. Looking ahead to 2011, my first forecast is for more of the same--and that’s very hopeful indeed. Many investors will continue to expect dividend-paying stocks to follow interest rate swings. And they’ll continue to be surprised as the economy’s prospects hold sway instead.

Inflation talk will continue to swirl in the financial media. This, too, is a positive for dividend-paying equities as we enter the New Year. And it more than anything else explains why rapidly rising interest rates have had such little impact on stock prices in the fourth quarter. By and large, however, the portents are bullish for divdend investing. That means playing offense. Dividend-paying equities are still the best place to have your money, whether you’re building wealth or growing income. And pinpointing the best for dividend investors is job No. 1 for me in 2011.

Source: Investing Daily

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