Dividends4Life: 2011 High Dividend Stocks

2011 High Dividend Stocks

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There are several, high dividend paying stocks, recommendations that appear on several websites, newspapers, magazines, blogs and columns. A point upon which many of us tend to ponder is, what makes certain stocks the best high dividend paying stocks? Is it the history of the company, or is it the management, current projections, revenue, economic conditions, that makes the share and stock price such a great influence on the dividend? Well, yes and no, because if you take a bird's eye view, almost all aspects of the economy tend to affect a company's stock prices and ratings.

Here's the catch, even a single small event can cause the stock price and dividend issue to fall down or shoot up sky high. Thus, logically, studying the economy and the facts that surround the company's operations matter a lot when you are looking for high yield stocks. You must know everything about the company, in and out and also the areas of the economy in which it ventures. You may also consider indexes and other such resources, such as the 'the dogs of the Dow' by Dow Jones Index, however at the end of the day, you have to do three things; observe, research and think. There is nothing such as luck and no stock market is a gold mine, unless you dig in proper quantity with the help of the maximum quality.

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