Dividends4Life: Build a Low Risk, Income Producing Portfolio

Build a Low Risk, Income Producing Portfolio

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Building a steady and safe income producing portfolio is paramount to retirees. High yield stocks, preferred stocks, convertibles and bonds are the basic building blocks for such portfolios. Research results indicate that blue chip stocks with high dividends, unlike highly volatile and low dividend or no dividend stocks (such as many high tech stocks and small company stocks), have produced comparable or even slightly higher returns with less risk in long term.

This plan is designed for income producing purpose: High dividend (yield) stock ETFs are chosen for both U.S. stocks and international stocks asset classes. We have decided to use general emerging market stocks ETFs (EEM or VWO) instead of some thinly traded high dividend emerging market stock ETFs. This situation will be changed once the high yield emerging market stock ETFs become more liquid and tradable.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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