Dividends4Life: High Yield Dividend Stocks for September

High Yield Dividend Stocks for September

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High yield dividend stocks remain en vogue as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben “Shalom” Bernanke continues to keep rates at historically low levels. With the Fed funds rate hovering at 0% so that banks can get back on their feet, individual investors have few places to turn other than high yielding dividend stock investments. The Fed has penalized safety-seeking savers and retirees in order to make sure that the big and powerful banks can turn a profit.

Treasury bonds, if not kept until maturity, could actually be a money losing investment. Many Wall Street insiders suspect that there will be a mass exodus from the treasury bubble that has been inflating as investors –globally – have jumped into US treasuries to escape the uncertainties of an economic downturn and a volatile equities market. On the other hand, investors can pick a number of compelling high yielding stocks that deliver income in the form of a dividend and have upside to their stock price.

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