Dividends4Life: Where To Find The Safest, Richest Dividends

Where To Find The Safest, Richest Dividends

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If we’re talking sheer numbers of above-average yields and the highest likelihood for continued dividend increases, I continue to believe the best sectors are consumer staples and utilities. As a bonus, both groups are less economically sensitive, too. However, I have been finding good potential opportunities in nearly every corner of the market — telecom, energy, even technology. The key right now is paying a fair price. A lot of stocks that I would love to recommend just look a bit expensive at the moment. So I’m keeping them on my watchlist and waiting for pullbacks.

And when I am issuing new buy orders, I’m providing limit orders as insurance against overpaying and getting caught in a “bear trap,” a market rally that ultimately fades. What about really high yields — ones that exceed 7 percent, 9 percent or even reach double-digits? There are a couple relatively conservative companies I like that are touching those levels at the moment. But if I had to name one sector that had the largest selection of really big yields right now with some degree of dividend safety, I would point to telecom companies.

Source: Jutia Group

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