Dividends4Life: High-Flying Telecoms

High-Flying Telecoms

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With savings accounts and Treasuries barely yielding sufficient interest, there has been a renewed interest in dividend stocks as of late. Investors know that historically, dividend stocks have outperformed their non-paying brethren, and that along with that nice cash cushion is the potential for capital appreciation as well. One of the old-school classes of dividend payers are telecom companies -- they typically have gobs of free cash flow and hence can afford to shell out nice payments to shareholders.

Foreign telecoms have seen their share prices dip lately, mostly due to the EU debacle, so some of their yields have reached new and impressive heights. In order to find the seven most impressive telecoms, I ran a screen for companies with a market cap above $2 billion, dividend yields above 2.5%, and price-to-earnings multiples below 15 (in order to ensure good value).

Source: Motley Fool

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