Dividends4Life: Things We Don’t Want in a Dividend Stock (DIV)

There is a lot of information on the web that covers how to select stocks, even dividend stocks. In this post I am going to take the negative angle and present what I feel to be three things that I, as a dividend investor, do not want to see in a dividend stock. In my view, if any of my own dividend stocks exhibit any of these traits then that is a red flag which I need to consider acting on.

The first two things dividend investors don’t want to see in their dividend stocks are pretty common – a dividend yield that is too high and a payout ratio the company cannot afford. The third – a stock with a yield less than the market – is more controversial in nature and I am not totally sure where I stand on this one yet. I have not done enough research to determine it Perhaps over the long term a company with a higher dividend growth rate will help offset the lower yields. Let me know what you think using the comments.

Source: The Dividend Guy

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