Dividends4Life: A long-term dividend portfolio (DIV)

A long-term dividend portfolio (DIV)

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The four important characteristics of successful dividend portfolios include entry and exit criteria, diversification, dollar cost averaging and selective dividend reinvestment. I have built my dividend portfolio around those important characteristics over the past few years. I have grouped the stocks I own by sector. I have also included additional information about each company, and I have also marked any companies which I do not find attractive at the moment with "HOLD". Just because a company is not attractively valued at the moment however does not mean that it is automatically a sell. Any companies which I have considered to be a sell have been sold off.

I typically have between ten to fifteen stocks which are attractively valued at any time. I also keep a list with stocks I would consider buying on dips. This list typically varies depending on market conditions. Back in 2008 and 2009 this list was rather small, and the list of attractively valued stocks was large due to depressed market prices. If a stock is very close to my entry price I might consider initiating a small position and then build my exposure from there. It is very important however to keep current on the overall market environment in order to scoop up any bargains from the waiting list.

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