Dividends4Life: 6 dividend stocks providing dividend payback (DIV)

When investors put their hard earned money to work, they are always hoping that they would receive a positive return on their investment. The profits could come either through capital gains, from dividends or from a combination of both. Dividends have traditionally been more stable than capital gain returns. Stock prices are volatile, and it would not be unheard of experiencing 40% losses in one year, which is then followed by 30% gains in the following year. That’s why many retirees these days are building their retirement income strategies exclusively off of dividend stocks.

The payback that these investors are targeting is mostly from the dividend income stream in order to estimate how long it might take to get their money back. Dividend payback is just that – how long it would take for the dividends from a stock investment to exceed the investment itself. Savers have two options – either go for a higher yielding but slower growing company or go for a stock with a lower current yield but has a huge dividend growth potential.

Source: Dividend Growth Investor

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