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5 Dividend Stocks To Buy On A Dip (DIV)

Posted by D4L | Monday, May 24, 2010 | | 0 comments »

Did May 6th frighten or excite you? I received a few emails from frightened dividend investors letting me know they were getting out of the market, while others asked if this was the beginning of another significant downturn. The first group are destined to always lose money in the market (sell low/buy high) and my answer to the second group was, ‘I hope so!’ Let me explain.

As a long-term dividend investor I love buying blue-chip companies when they go on sale and there is no underlying fundamental business reason. If you can buy a Ferrari at the price of a Camaro, most people would consider that a good thing, but for some reason many long-term investors fret whenever there is a major clearance sale on the stocks they want to own. I keep a list of great stocks that I would love to buy or add to my current position. Here are a few on that list:

Source: Dividends Value

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