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On The Shelf

Posted by D4L | Wednesday, March 12, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

When we don't have an immediate need for something we put it on a shelf. This gets it out out sight and out of our way until we need it or otherwise evaluate its usefulness. Sometimes it is the first step to the garbage, while other times the item works its way back into our everyday life. I have expanded my investing process to include a shelf.

If a security is not performing at the desired level for additional purchases, but also is not performing badly enough to warrant a sale, then I will put it "on the shelf". By that I mean it will be set aside within my income portfolio with no additional purchases made until its outlook improves or deteriorates to the point it should be sold. This is a tactic that I will use to help overcome my strong bias for action.

Tomorrow in my "State of the Dividend Address" I will look at several stocks in my portfolio that I am not satisfied with, for one reason or another. Decisions will be made as to their future direction. Some will involve the "shelf".

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