It can be difficult to sleep at night when you hold dividend stocks during difficult times. The unspoken worry all dividend investors have is whether those dividends will be lowered or — in a worst-case scenario — stopped entirely. And if you live on a fixed income, these worries are likely magnified. A lot of dividend stocks, particularly in the leisure segment, suspended dividends during the financial crisis. So when choosing a dividend stock, it’s always wise to look at the company’s dividend payment track record.

Today, we’ve got three lesser-known dividend stocks that have all been paying dividends for more than thirty years: The first of the secret dividend stocks is WGL Holdings (WGL), a rather unique stock in that it’s a diversified energy play. Old Republic International (ORI) started back in 1887 and is an insurance company that offers a huge array of products. The final stock on our list of secret dividend stocks is Vectren Corporation (VVC), an energy play that’s diversified into four segments.

Source: InvestorPlace

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