Dividends4Life: Dividend Stock Yields Over 8%, Major Growth, Estimates Rising, Upped Guidance

Do you believe in global warming? That's a question that has become a bit less provocative recently, belying its past as a surefire cocktail party buzz kill, right up there with politics and religion. But before you angrily dip your nacho chips in the wrong sauce, pause and consider the lowly wood chip, a former castoff which is the underlying star of this article. This stock yields 8.6%, with strong 1.3x coverage. It continues to report major growth, supported by strong industry tailwinds. It has received several analyst estimate revisions over the past month.

Enviva Partners LP (NYSE:EVA) produces and supplies utility-grade wood pellets to power generators. Enviva Partners GP, LLC operates as the general partner of the company. Enviva Partners, LP is based in Bethesda, Maryland. Enviva Partners, LP operates as a subsidiary of Enviva Holdings, LP. So, how are EU nations doing so far on meeting their carbon emission targets? ... Uh, not so good, with the exception of Denmark, which is at the head of the class, whereas the UK and The Netherlands are seriously lagging behind.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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