Dividends4Life: 3 Dividend Stocks You Can Easily Upgrade

3 Dividend Stocks You Can Easily Upgrade

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If you’re like a lot of other income-seeking investors, there’s a good chance you own a stake in dividend stocks like AT&T (T), Merck (MRK), and Phillip Morris (PM). They’re big, popular, and therefore easy to own. Just because a stock is prolific, however, doesn’t mean it’s the best name in its sector if your goal is a strong dividend yield.

There are other factors to consider, including consistency of payouts, history of dividend increases, and overall stock performance. After all, a 6% dividend yield doesn’t mean much if the stock price is falling more than that. Here are three dividend stocks that could — and possibly should – replace the Phillip Morris, Merck, and AT&T you currently have parked in your portfolio: Windstream Holdings (WIN), Vector Group (VGR) and PDL Biopharma (PDLI).

Source: InvestorPlace

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