There is one common trait that we all share and it is our curiosity. Our need to know what the future will be is a constant preoccupation. The future direction of the stock market fascinates us all. Often, the focus is on the short-term expectation; What is the market going to do next month or next quarter? These questions are entertaining, but they just amount to anything more than a simple speculating game. The market has too many surprises to know what the next move will be. In the other hand trying to set up a long-term direction of the market is not as much colorful, but it is the back-bone of your long-term financial survival that you are wondering about.

Here is the list of the 6 stocks selected: In the oil industry in general, 2 stocks offer a long-term interesting prospect in my view. One, is an oil and gas company, British Petroleum (BP) and the other one, is an offshore deep-water driller called Seadrill Ltd. (SDRL) [Can be replaced by Transocean Ltd. (RIG) which is similar.] In the financial conglomerate I choose General Electric (GE) In the bio-pharmaceutical sector my company is Pfizer, Inc.(PFE) In the bank sector I will go with Wells Fargo and Co.(WFC) In Food conglomerates, I have Altria Group, Inc. (MO)

Source: Seeking Alpha

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